Get to know Magna

Ambassador for Christ.
Writer/Blogger/Content Creator/Ghost Writer
• I create online content for businesses from emails to newsletters to websites. It’s important to have relevant content.  I’m happy to help you and your business with content creation, editing, re-writing etc.  Contact me!
• My blog, Sprinkle of Salt Mom, is to encourage and preserve mommies! It’s about mommies rallying together to help each other.

I’m International:
• Originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa
o I now reside in Kansas City (MO)
o I HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaVE to shout out North Carolina, my home away from home, where I lived for many years! Annnnnd, I am an Alumni of UNC-Chapel Hill (#bestschoolever #southernpartofheaven #goheels)!

Devoted to family:
• Wife to a man who brings out the best in me…he’s my best friend and love.
• Steward and Mommy of two beautiful girls (they’re beautiful on the inside and the outside) and a young prince (he’s amazing!) #bestgiftsever!
• My mommy and daddy taught me that I could do anything with hard work..(thankful).
• I’m the oldest of three girls (I absolutely love my sisters)

Big fan of:
• Emollient (#lotion)
• Dancing
• Singing (award winning shower singer)
• Stories told by Grandmas and Grandpas/the elderly (wisdom)
• Chocolate (HUGE fan)
• Hot tea (yes, please!)
• Sports
• Musicals (life should be a musical)
• Parentheses (pretty obvious right?)

• Canned meat is slightly suspicious to me (although, corned beef hash…the way my mama makes it.. is pretty good stuff)
• If it wasn’t for bacon…I’d totally be a vegetarian…#truestory.
• I’m constantly changing hairstyles…it makes me feel adventurous and like a #hotmom
• I know every episode of the Cosby Show (#GordonGartrelle…even with all the (gulp!) Bill Cosby drama…it’s part of the fabric of America)
• I silently (sometimes out loud) correct grammar (mine and yours)…it’s the writer in me
• I love to observe and discern
• I’m straightforward and layered
• I’m driven by my purpose

4 thoughts on “Get to know Magna”

  1. This is so cute 😉

  2. Lillian said:

    You are an inspiration! Such a blessing.

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